I’m Pat Walsh. Hello and welcome to my website. Here you’ll find information on my books, a little bit about me and some glimpses into the world and characters of the Crowfield books, both real and imaginary.

Pat Walsh

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The Hob and the Deerman, the first book in a new series featuring Brother Walter the hob from the Crowfield Abbey mysteries is now available on Amazon, in paperback and on Kindle.

The Hob and the Deerman

In a place where the everyday world and the Otherworld meet, anything can happen…

Crowfield Abbey lies in ruins and a ghostly crawling man haunts the long abandoned rooms and cloisters.

When Brother Walter the hob returns to the abbey, he finds it a desolate, troubled place. The ghost of a young girl waits in vain for her father to come for her. A boggart lurks in the abbey drain, and the statues and wall paintings are disappearing, one by one…

And who is mysterious Deerman of the forest?

With the help of a young village boy and a stone hob brought to life, the hob desperately attempts to unravel old secrets and right an ancient wrong. Time is running out for the hob and it is not always easy to tell your friends from your enemies.


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